Hypoglycemia Causes and Symptoms

Hypoglycemia Causes and Symptoms

Hypoglycemia shows very low blood sugar. It occurs when the blood glucose (or sugar) drops too low to supply the body’s fuel needed for proper functioning. Different types hypoglycemia  Hypoglycemia ... Read more →
Hyperglicemia Diet Plan (Image courtesy sxc.hu)

Hyperglicemia Diet

As you know, diabetes is a disease characterized by a relative or total failure of insulin (the hormone secreted by the pancreas), which makes glucose from bread, pasta, sweets and ... Read more →

Hypoglycemia symptoms: Headache

One of the hypoglycemia symptoms that may affect a patient is having a headache. In general, not necessarily in cases of hypoglycemia, this pain can show up in any section of the head, ... Read more →

Hypoglycemia Foods

Hypoglycemia can develop or trigger either through actions a person does in relation to eating (fasting, skipping meals, not eating at the right time, and moving too much after a heavy ... Read more →
Diabetes Mellitus: Symptoms, Diet, Natural Treatment

Diabetes Mellitus: Symptoms, Values, Natural Treatment

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic or endocrine disorder, manifested by an increase in glucose level above the normal. Type II diabetes occurs mainly in people over 45, in those who ... Read more →
Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia Pregnancy Risks

Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia Pregnancy Risks

Pregnant women with diabetes often give birth to big children, sometimes experiencing a difficult birth with risk of hypoglycemia for the child, especially in the first hours or days ... Read more →

Knowing your diabetes numbers

Knowing your blood sugar number is important so that you can act according to the condition. There are basically two major different tests to acurately find out your blood glucose, ... Read more →
Simple Diabetics Desserts: 5 Cookie Recipes

Simple Diabetics Desserts: 5 Cookie Recipes

The biggest ordeal for diabetics is depriving of sweets. If until diabetes diagnose they could buy and eat all sorts of homemade desserts, after visiting the doctor, their diet changed ... Read more →
diabet benefits of exercise

Benefits of Exercise on Diabetes

When people are talking about diabetes management, regular exercise is a must in the planning. Regular exercising is part of healthy life style that we cannot do without. Exercising ... Read more →
Diabetes Diet: Sweet Strawberries for Diabetics

Diabetes Diet: Sweet Strawberries for Diabetics

Diabetics have many food restrictions, including on fruits. However, at this point, there are many fruit choices highly recommended by nutritionists for those affected by high glycemia. According ... Read more →